INSPIRATIONALInspiring Janitor Passes Law Board Exam In The Philippines

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An inspiring story of a janitor from the Philippines who passed the board exam is going viral, and it deserves to be!

“The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations,” that is one of Adam Smith’s famous quotes. What the quote says is that the real tragedy of the poor is their poor ambition towards life. They set their dreams too low and are scared to indulge into something big. And gladly, this inspiring man from the Philippines unlocked the secret from getting out of poverty.

A 35-year-old janitor’s life is about to take a 180-degree turn after successfully passing the 2016 Bar examinations.

Former janitor passes 2016 bar exam

Ramil Commendador, who worked as a janitor for four years at the office of Commission on Elections, had the strong desire to get his family out of poverty. This prompted him to leave Catanduanes and look for better opportunities in Manila.

Determined to provide a better future for him and his family, Commendador enrolled at the College of Law in Universidad de Manila. While studying, Commendador had to sweep floors and gather trash since he has two kids aged 4 and 8 years old, to support.

Commendador said that the determination to get out from poverty motivated him to achieve this dream and that’s enough for him to make everything possible. With God’s grace and his determination to achieve this goal, everything became possible.

Former janitor passes 2016 bar exam

Aside from these challenges, Commendador almost gave up while taking the bar examinations, deemed as the toughest professional exam in the country. Apparently, he experienced physical difficulty answering the bar exams as his hand was shaking due to fatigue.

Commendador recounted that his hands were shaking making it hard for him to answer the exam properly. To desperately overcome the struggle, he prayed hard as he dragged his left hand on the paper and forced it to answer the exams.

But luckily, the former janitor’s hard work and sacrifices paid off as he is among the 3,747 new lawyers in the country. He even managed to pass the grueling exam in his first take.

While it may seem that Commendador has everything he has ever hoped for, the new lawyer still hopes to be reunited with his father who abandoned him while he was still inside his mother’s womb.

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