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Maureen SantosMarch 22, 20185504 min

Why do internet service providers don’t want Rhode Island legislators to make them do their promise to sustain a free and open internet?

On Tuesday, both telcos and cable companies organized to intercept two bills in the General Assembly. The bills would utilize the state government marketing authority to maintain the net neutrality that will oppose Internet Service Providers.

Intenet service providers pledged not to block, throttle, or embark on paid prioritization. It is just that they would not want the state’s lawmakers to make them do so.  Matthew Brill wrote that despite any lawful directives, broadband internet service providers would neither block nor throttle legal internet traffic.  It will not also involve in arbitrary discrimination contrary to the legitimate apps, contents or devices.

Brill is a lawyer and represents the New England Cable and Telecommunications Association (NECTA). He added that the association disputes any attempts by Rhode Island as well as other states to create their own net neutrality rules.  According to him, aside from being inessential, it is only dysfunctional and unauthorized.

Two cases of legislation are presented during the assembly held at the Rhode Island House Committee on Corporations.  Rep. Brian Patrick Kennedy’s H7076 bill necessitate Internet service
providers to comply with net neutrality. Rep. Aaron Regunberg’s  H7422 bill, on the other hand, will prohibit the state from dealing with them if they do not follow stringent net neutrality requirements.

Meanwhile, NECTA Vice President, Timothy Wilkerson said that once net neutrality is diminished, everything will be the same. He added that experience with the internet will still be the same. Easier said than done.

The people need an open internet and not a vague promise. Net neutrality can still be achieved in the dnet platform. It is the most compelling P2P permanent hyperspeed neutral decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution unbound by politics and oppression.

It runs fast and even after years of using, it still functions like the first day it gets installed.  Users will have boundless access to the decentralized web not to mention the traditional websites.  Best of all, the dnet platform is developed for personal security not to mention the protection of the users.

As a bonus, users get paid to use the dnet platform through Spyce mining activity. Get the dnet experience and regain your freedom.

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