NEWSIs Peanut Butter Truly Good For Your Health?

Maureen SantosMay 29, 20188213 min

It has been a long argument if peanut butter is indeed healthy. Many say that it has a high-fat content. But many consider the tasty spread’s total nutritional analysis is giving it a thumbs up sign.

The spread is made from ground peanut which is a legume that profusely grows in South America. Nearly half of its mass comes fat while the rest are from protein and carbohydrates along with fiber. Roughly half of its fat content is from monounsaturated fat that promotes healthy blood lipid levels. One-third of it comes from the omega-6 fatty acid.

According to the registered dietician Lisa Sasson, peanut butter is a healthy food. However, not all kinds of peanut butter are healthy. The healthiest kinds contain only a single or two ingredients which are peanut and a little salt. Two tablespoons already contain 7 grams of protein, 16 grams of fat, 2 grams of fiber, and 200 calories.

It is also a good source of phytochemical resveratrol. German research saw the possibility of resveratrol to prevent the possible occurrence of colorectal cancer.  The FDA approved in 2003 that peanuts and certain tree nuts could alleviate the prospect of heart diseases.

Both researchers and experts determine that the spread is a principal example of a healthy unsaturated fat. Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Walter Willett suggests that consuming more this fat will lessen blood cholesterol as well as risks of heart diseases. It would be better if it will replace butter or processed meats.

Do not purchase jars with a “low fat” label which are generally misleading. They are more often than not contain the same amount of calories and added sugar. To give the natural spread without emulsifier and hydrogenated oil a longer shelf life, it would be best to keep them in a cool dark cabinet or refrigerate them.


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