DecenternetISP Registry Proposal Over Personal Data Usage

Maureen SantosApril 6, 20185714 min

Is ISP registry enough to protect consumers and pursue open internet?

To counter the FCC’s net neutrality repeal, the Senate Committee on Net Neutrality and Consumer Protection recommended measures to safeguard Massachusetts media consumers called ISP registry.

The suggested regulation will delegate complete directness about network operating procedures. A countrywide ISP registry will be implemented to look after consumer privacy. It will regulate the way ISPs can utilize personal information.

The ISP register allows the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable to execute certification tests. This requires ISPs to establish the same net neutrality declarations. This they created beforehand for the FCC following the net neutrality repeal.

The Senate committee attended a public hearing on Wednesday (April 4) which congregated both telecom representatives and open internet advocates. The council is about the establishment of new guidelines to counteract the FCC’s net neutrality repeal.

According to Sen. James Eldridge, if there are no net neutrality rules, ISPs can basically alter the way we access and use the Internet. That is because they now have permissions to clamp down on unfavorable political opinions. They could also delay web content and repress start-up modernization.

Senate committee chairperson, Sen. Cynthia Creem said that “We must fill in the gap left by the federal government in the areas of net neutrality and consumers’ broadband privacy.”

If the time comes that net neutrality rules are no longer in the ISPs vocabulary, it can still be found on the dnet platform. It does not make use of system resources for infiltration. It is created for private security and protection of the users.

The dnet system does not disclose any relevant information to anyone without consent. It means that personal information is not disseminated or sold to anyone without any permission. Users are provided with all-out access to the decentralized net and could access traditional websites all at the same time.

Moreover, users will not experience any slowing down of the connection because no defragmentation is required.

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