NEWSJobless Father Walks 6 Days to See His Family Again

Maureen SantosFebruary 21, 201714706 min

A father from the Philippines who got laid off from his construction work walked six days to return to his family’s arms.  

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“It takes a real good man to be a responsible father.”— Do you agree?

In today’s generation, it’s not any more unusual to see broken families. Some of the main reasons why parents break up are money and being in a long distance relationship, but this is different from a heart-touching story from a father who lives in the Philippines.

A father from the Philippines chose to go back to his family despite having no money to pay for his transportation and no food to bring for his family who lives miles away from the city.

He may be penniless, but this didn’t stop him from returning to his family.

After losing his job, Vergilio Colibao walked all the way from Manila back to his hometown in Isabela Province.

He worked as a construction worker for one year in Valenzuela. Sadly, he was laid off recently. So he decided to go back home to his family. Having no money for transportation, he was left with no choice but to walk all the way home.

In order to feed himself, Colibao sells recyclable material he had foraged along the way to scrap yards in exchange for a small amount of money.

Thankfully, the motorcycle riders group called Region 2 Riders Federation Rescue lent a hand. They offered to transport him all the way to his home in Ilagan City after someone posted a picture of him, along with his story, on Facebook.

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