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Maureen SantosMay 20, 20195587 min

Is technology the key for kids to learn reading the right way?

There are still a lot of students in elementary school that are illiterate. This is frustrating especially on the part of parents. However, Google believes that technology could provide a solution to this problem.

Read and Learn with Google’s Rivet

Google has launched a free app called Rivet to help children read. This app is available on both Android and iOS. Its purpose is to enable children to practice their reading skills using the app. Over 2,000 books have been ranked according to their difficulty level. This free Google app utilizes speech technology to guide children on their articulation.

Rivet’s head of Tech and Product, Ben Turtel said:

“Struggling readers are unlikely to catch up and four times less likely to graduate from high school. Unfortunately, 64% of fourth-grade students in the United States perform below the proficient level in reading.”

He added that the Rivet team ought to work on their reading program for the kids since it is a basic skill. One must master the art of reading in order to comprehend and learn other things.

The app is capable of reading individual words as well as entire pages of texts. It highlights the words as it goes along. The app can also listen to how a kid reads and provides an assessment of the words that they didn’t pronounce correctly. Rivet has the capability to help young readers establish a strong reading foundation.

Rivet hears how kids pronounce a word and motivate them with precise visual clues. In case they incorrectly pronounced a word, a pop up will appear to let them hear the correct pronunciation. They are also encouraged to try again and when ready, they can proceed reading the rest of the page. The app can assess reading by pushing the mic button.

This Google’s read-and-learn app is equipped with translations and definitions. Over 25 languages are incorporated in Rivet to help kids to better comprehend reading. This amazing app will also benefit non-native speakers who want to learn, read, and pronounce English the right way.

Moreover, Google’s new free app depends on game procedures to encourage children. They can accumulate points and badges. The player experience can be customized with avatars, endorsed books, and themes. The company’s Area 120 unit likewise guarantees “surprises” and “stimulating games” to keep young readers entertained. Area 120 is Google’s workshop for experimental products.

Privacy Initiative

As could be expected, privacy is very important. The entire speech technology is exclusively on-device. Rivet entails parental consent. The data is solely utilized for improving the reading experience inside the app. When children no longer need the feature, parents can choose to deactivate follow-along mode to make kids read for themselves.

According to Rivet, the entire speech procedure transpires on the device. This is to safeguard the reader’s privacy. It added that the app itself adheres to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This law was created to protect the privacy of children under the age of 13.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) manages the COPPA. The US Congress passed the law in 1998 which was then implemented in April 2000.

Google’s Rivet can be used on tablets, smartphones, and Android-friendly Chromebooks. It is currently available in the English language in 11 countries. These include Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, and the United States.


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