Killing Net Neutrality Means No More Communication for Rural Communities

When net neutrality dies, rural communities will no longer have communication to the world.

Rural communities around the world have no sufficient internet network. They have limited access or slow connection. The FCC is already killing net neutrality rules. What will become of these idyllic societies on April 23?

It is known worldwide that Ajit Pai’s agency is killing net neutrality rules. Several states in the US established their own measures. Rural communities are the most affected.

Westcliffe is a rural area in Colorado which is already at a drawback. According to Caroline Fry, net neutrality protects the free operation of online content. She is the Colorado Common Cause media manager. She also advocates the “Net- neutrality-is-better-for-democracy” camp.

Even Burger King made a parody about killing net neutrality rules. The video shows what will happen if the guidelines are no longer in effect. Customers order Whopper needs to pay more to get it faster. Just like faster access to contents means paying more.

In regards to advertising, companies will somehow be affected too. Just like Burger King, other necessities aside from food are advertised. Killing net neutrality will have restrictions on the ads. ISPs and broadband providers will decide who will reach the ads.

Killing net neutrality means creating “slow” and “fast” lanes. Some contents will be blocked and throttled. Consumers will be charged more to access various contents. It will devastate smaller independent advertisers as well. Not all have the means to pay ISPs preferential procedure.

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