Legislature Committee Consents Colorado HB 1312

Colorado HB 1312 is finally approved!

It is a mutual feeling for both Colorado and California following the approval of House bills. On Tuesday, the state of Colorado HB 1312 has been approved. The measure, however, will counter a portion of the FCC net neutrality rules. No need to question who favored it and who doesn’t.

On the same day, California HB 822 gets the approval of the legislative body. During the hearing, Sen. Scott Weiner says, “Californians want to protect net neutrality, and this is not a partisan issue.”

As defined in the Colorado House Bill 1312, any ISPs need to reimburse the state. This pertains to the subsidy it gained over the previous two years. That is if proven they engaged in the following practices:

♦ Bars legal content, apps, devices, or services.

♦ Employs paid prioritization.

♦ Manipulates network traffic by stifling, diminishing, or bandwidth corruption.

♦ Not disclosing its network management procedures.

The measure helps to guarantee that taxpayer proceeds are utilized accordingly by the residents. ISPs should be able to provide the service their consumers need.

The Colorado House Bill 1312 has only a handful of advocates. Its challengers, on the other hand, could have a dozen.  The bill is moving forward to the Senate. As of the moment, it is not yet clear which committee will hear it.

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