MINDBLOWINGLocal Park Rangers Shock Seeing Arid California Desert Covered in Colorful Flowers

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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (ABDSP) is a state park located within the Colorado Desert of southern California, United States.

The park is framed by, and includes many rugged mountain ranges: the Bucksnorts and the Santa Rosas on the north, the Jacumba Mountains on the south and the Vallecito and Pinyon Mountains on the west. To the east, the Borrego Mountains taper into the Carrizo Badlands before falling away into the Salton Trough.

Reaching an average of 40°C during the summer months, you’d want to avoid getting lost in the 242,000 hectares of the Anza Borrego National Park. Such conditions normally produces an arid, baron terrain, so you can imagine the surprise for local park rangers when they found the entire desert covered in colourful flowers.

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According to the American website OCRegister this kind of phenomenon is incredibly rare, occurring just once in a decade. However this winter was so stormy that the litres of rain that fell across the desert provided twice as much water as usual. The water penetrated deep into the earth, reaching grains that had been underground for many years.

The results are spectacular, and it wasn’t long before onlookers began sharing images of this rare phenomenon on social media. From just looking at the photos you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a verdant prairie rather than an arid desert. The contrast between these different varieties and colours of flowers against the desert rock have made for some spectacular photos.

This phenomena is as ephemeral as it is rare. With the burning sun drying out the vegetation all of the plants will have already died out. However according to Kcet we could be expecting a similar floral wave in the Mojave desert in the coming weeks.


Took a trip to see desert wildflowers. It was a nice break from studying for finals.

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