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Maureen SantosFebruary 21, 20185645 min

Is Net Neutrality already dead?


There have been many issues that are arising concerning Net Neutrality. People believe that they should have the freedom to communicate online. But, with the Federal Communication Commission recalling its rules in 2015, it could be the end of the line for Net Neutrality.


There is no questioning that more than half of the Earth’s total population is against the FCC guidelines regarding net neutrality. The agency elected three to two to abolish net neutrality and may not endure the 21 state attorney generals that have filed a lawsuit against the FCC. The Senate is lacking a vote to reverse it while some state governors have endorsed laws exploiting state negotiating dollars to secure net neutrality for their locals.


According to a political scientist James Wilson, net neutrality is enduring of what he calls the issue of “entrepreneurial politics.” The advantages of net neutrality are extensive but drawn-out. But the setback is barely focused in a capable lobby.


Huge companies like Facebook, Netflix, Google, and Microsoft are not the only ones fighting for net neutrality. Several states in the US created and approved their own laws about net neutrality because legislative procedure takes longer and is vaguer due to its requirement of votes by the state lawmakers as an inclusion to a governor’s signature. The states that took final action on their governor’s issued executive orders include Hawaii, Montana, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont.


The executive orders from the states mentioned above need ISPs to adhere to net neutrality principles if Internet service will be sold to state agencies. Rather than executing net neutrality regulations on all Internet providers, these states use their category as Internet service buyers to secure net neutrality.


Net neutrality is one factor that Decenternet, a start-up, is promoting by heart. Since net neutrality is the internet’s principle, it retains the user’s right to have the freedom to communicate online. It means that Internet Service Providers should accommodate internet users with open networks.


As soon as the open-source Decenternet technology is established, the internet will not be susceptible to restrictions or control set by unscrupulous and autocratic centralized organization. Decenternet is the most robust and ultimate hyper-speed P2P decentralized communication solution that blockchain can make. Because of its ingenious browser technology, internet users can enjoy a much safer, faster, and more private decentralized internet together with the usually accessed traditional sites.


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