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Maureen SantosMarch 21, 20185194 min

Who are the major victims of net neutrality?

Consumers are considered to be the worst victims of net neutrality rollback that is expected to take effect on April 23.

The decision to repeal net neutrality will take place next month unless the Congress takes some action. Executive orders and bills have been endorsed and passed by different states and cities to preserve net neutrality in their respective localities.

Consumers might be one of the several groups that will be shaken by the development. But it could be worst compared to broadcast networks such as Netflix and Hulu with over-the-top content (OTT) services.

Giant companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google delivered remarks pertaining to an internet that should serve to be a public right of way. However, the framework these firms establish services and deliver contents was organized and controlled by the telcos. For this reason, a dilemma is brought into existence.

In the absence of net neutrality, service which includes video-streaming or making phone calls over the internet using Skype or Facebook could be barred. Likewise with the access to the political content or the imparting of legal media content.

The Internet is driven by foundations of openness and consumer decision since the beginning. It thrives as an open market, public convention, and exceptional information resource.

Without net neutrality rules, advertisers could seek more traditional platforms to cater to their needs. This is where dnet comes in which is an out of the ordinary P2P stable hyper-speed neutral decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution free from politics and oppression.

The dnet platform does not report anything to anyone without the user’s permission. It is created to protect the user and his personal security.   Users will have unrestricted access to the decentralized web with the traditional websites all at the same time.  The best part of the dnet platform is that users are paid to use it through Spyce mining activity.

Advertisers, online entrepreneurs or just common Internet users can still achieve net neutrality with dnet. Technology is the key to ward off the repeal.



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