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Maureen SantosJuly 25, 20178214 min

Are you ready to give up money?

Money is essential to one’s life, or shall we say it’s vital for us to have it to be able to acquire the necessities of life. That’s just how life goes today. But if I ask you to give up money, would you do it? Do you think it is possible for a person to give up money and not use it in life? Do you think money is essential in survival? If you answered yes, hear out this man who decided to quit money.

Our society is obsessed with money. We live in a consumer society where advertisers force-feed us reasons why we should buy their products or use their services. We work ourselves into a life cycle of debt so that we can afford the biggest house or parade around with the latest gadgets. For most of us, money is the focal part of our lives. Our desire to have more money is synonymous with survival. Our society is stratified in such a way, that we are forced to be the havesor fall victim to being shunned and shamed as the have nots.

It’s important to note that it doesn’t matter how much money we have, we still appear to be lacking a real sense of worth – something that is more enriching and fulfilling. In some ways, we know money cannot buy happiness, but given our capitalist societal structure, we are unable to fathom a world where money doesn’t exist.

Daniel Suelo has been living without money since the year 2000. He has experimented with other ways of living and has dedicated his life to living naturally – without the credit-debt duality. He talks about “doing for the sake of doing and not for future reward” and has shown that a life can be lived in abundance, without the mandate for a bank balance.

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