NEWSMassive Impact of Alaska Pipeline Leakage Incident

Maureen SantosMarch 28, 20176053 min

Alaska pipeline leakage is giving everyone a problem!

An oil spill can have a major impact on various departments of a country. It can affect the fishing industry, the coastal areas, the marine life, the shoreline, the income and properties of fishermen, safety of people, etc.

Even industries that are not close to the coast can be affected by an oil spill. Some industries depend on clean water for cooling purposes, such as nuclear plants. If these facilities get oil into their water tank it would lead to the contamination of the piping system, resulting in the plant having to shut down to clean out its piping system (Global Marine Oil Pollution Information Gateway).

The governor of Alaska says the owner of an underwater pipeline leaking processed natural gas will temporarily reduce the amount of gas that feeds into the line.

The office of Gov. Bill Walker said Saturday that Hilcorp Alaska has agreed to the temporary reduction in the flow of gas through the pipeline for safety and environmental reasons.

The pipeline is leaking an estimated 193,000 to 215,000 cubic feet of gas a day into Alaska’s Cook Inlet, which contains endangered beluga whales.

Hilcorp says the leak hasn’t caused any significant environmental issues but ice has made it too risky to start repairing the pipeline.

The pipeline moves processed natural gas from shore to four petroleum production platforms in the inlet. The leak may have begun in mid-December.

via Detroitnews.com

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