SPIRITUALThe Massive Impact of January’s Lunar Eclipse

Maureen SantosJanuary 22, 20189277 min

While eclipses are rare, they are nothing more than mere celestial events to modern-day astronomers. To people who walk the myriad paths to enlightenment, however, eclipses carry more significance than mere overlapping of celestial bodies. They bring significant changes to the nature of the energetic field surrounding all of us, changes that you can harness to speed up your spiritual growth.

As we get closer to the total lunar eclipse that will happen on January 31st, you need to be prepared for the changes that are bound to happen. Depending on how the changes will affect you, you might start to feel more anxious as the date approaches. Of course, everything happens for a reason. These energies are there to push you towards the path that is right for you. The important thing to do is be prepared. By doing white light meditation, you can protect your energy field known as aura and come out of the ordeal a better person.

s the date that marks this year’s first lunar eclipse grows closer and closer so do the energies surrounding it. Chances are if you are sensitive you are already feeling these energies something fierce.

The energies surrounding this lunar eclipse are not going to be like anything you can recall. You will become anxious and depending on how energy affects you mood swings may follow. The energies surrounding the lunar eclipse are enriched with change and positive tides, but because they are so intense and charged through the many astrological events we have had just this month they may be a bit too much for some. This lunar eclipse will be like an explosion of relief coming on all at once and we must be prepared for it.

During the time leading up to the lunar eclipse from now on, you will most likely begin noticing small things out of place and people acting strangely. Do not think too much of it, because eclipses make people do odd things. The energies as I mentioned above are just too much for some people and this causes them to become confused and to act a bit differently than they would otherwise.

We all gain so much from the lunar eclipses that even the most frustrating and confusing aspects of it are worth it. With the lunar eclipse, there is no test everything comes as it is and leaves having brought you to something better. No one is led astray. Take comfort in knowing that.

During the lunar eclipse, your aura is at risk. If you do not properly protect your own inner energy your aura will become warped or change colors. I strongly suggest practicing white light meditation/healing frequently from now until just days after this lunar eclipse passes. While this energy is overwhelmingly positive that does not mean it cannot do damage on some level.

Do not fear the lunar eclipse. This will be a wonderful experience for you and all of those around you. We need these energies to push us where we need to be especially since it is merely the beginning of the new year. This year is going to be full of so much wonder and far more spectacular things than you can imagine. Protect your aura, relax your mind, and let this energy become a part of who you are.

You are capable of so much more than you realize. There are great things coming your way. Be prepared and make sure that you are not letting life bring you down. These energies will pass in time and you will be left to pick back up where you left off.

If you notice someone who is not coping well with the energies they are currently beginning to feel please share this with them. There are far too many people in this world who are not quite aware of the impact the moon can have on our minds, bodies, and souls. There is a lot more to the moon than meets the eye.

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