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Maureen SantosFebruary 21, 20187924 min

Technology is like a medicine that brings relief to an illness. With the latest breakthrough, a lot of inventions have emerged with the use of the computer and of course, the internet.  The internet has been utilized for online business, seeking jobs, receiving and transferring of data, and many more.


However, the freedom that every internet users are enjoying right now will soon be a thing of the past. The Federal Communications Commission has revoked its own net neutrality rules on Dec. 15, 2015. The rules stated that Internet Service Providers should not block or in any way slow down any apps or websites provided that the contents are legitimate. In addition, ISPs should not involve in paid prioritization that requires exceptional pricing just to avail of fast data communication routes. For those who cannot afford to pay extra will have to rely on slow routes.


This move of the FCC sparks outrage among internet users, from students to job hunters to businessmen. In the US, more than half of its state legislatures have pending regulations. Telecom lawyer and Public Knowledge VP Harold Felt explain that states are authorized to legislate their own net neutrality laws.


Many are opposing to the net neutrality repeal including the twenty-two states.  New York, California, and Mississippi are in unison to sue the FCC regarding the ruling.  Likewise, the Internet Association composed of tech companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, and others are planning to file a lawsuit against the FCC and its chairman Ajit  Pai.


Pai said that they are helping consumers while promoting competition for broadband providers to gain more incentives to establish networks in underserved locations.


One start-up company, Decenternet strictly observes net neutrality. It is the most dominant and comprehensive hi-speed P2P decentralized internet broadcasting solution that can be developed by blockchain. No one owns it and does not account for any third-party society.  Net neutrality is the administrative golden rule of the internet. Along with net neutrality, Decenternet sustains the rights of its users to freely exchange information online.  It believes that net neutrality is an internet that empowers and defends free speech.


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