Decenternet[VIDEO] Massive ‘Red Alert’ Protests Churning Regarding Recall of Net Neutrality

Maureen SantosMay 2, 20184475 min

It would be a “Red Alert” day on May 9 as advocates of the open internet congregate in public to protest the recall of net neutrality. Websites such as Etsy, Foursquare, and others will join the campaign to restore the neutrality of the internet.

The upcoming demonstration is buckled down to correspond with the succeeding Senate procedure to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA). On Wednesday of next week, senators are going to file a petition to oblige a vote on a decision to reverse the FCC’s recall of net neutrality.

The CRA provides Congress 60 legislative days to reverse the agency’s recall of net neutrality. Democrats heavily advocated the 2015 Open Internet Order of the former Obama administration. Along with them are several internet companies like Facebook and Google.

Net neutrality advocates argue that the guidelines are extremely important to guarantee the internet stays open and treats all contents equally. As opposed by Republicans and edge providers such as Verizon and AT&T, the open internet rules are too confining and will only harm investment.

The BattleForTheNet.com operates the “Red Alert” campaign. It is established to bolster consciousness regarding the vote and the plaster websites in admonitions emphasizing the Senate vote. It is expected to drive citizens to downpour officials with calls and messages to reverse the recall of net neutrality.

On May 9, beginning at 12:01 am, the RED ALERT widget will display this:

And on May 10, beginning at 12:01 am until midnight before the vote takes place, the widget will look like this:

The pop-up alerts are identical to what leading websites enforced last July on a “day of action.” Members include Amazon, Facebook, Google, Reddit, and Twitter.

Decenternet shares the same principles with the net neutrality advocates. It believes that all the contents should be treated equally. Also, ISPs should not engage in blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization.

Furthermore, consumers should be charged an extra fee just to access other websites and to avail a faster connection. Decenternet makes use of technology to counter the recall of net neutrality. Its system is designed to protect the user’s personal data and prevents it from getting distributed without consent.



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