NEWSMassive War Is Happening But The Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You About It

Maureen SantosFebruary 28, 20185324 min

These events are real. All these are happening. But the mainstream media won’t tell you about it.

How were the Olympics?

News outlets around the world had been very excited for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018. The event was widely reported around the world. To be fair, I truly agree that it needs to be reported on the news, after all, it’s a huge event that promotes unity for all the countries around the globe.

However, there is an event that the mainstream media is not reporting to the world. The media outlets are keeping a blind eye from this and those people. It’s unbelievable how people can be uninformed about this. It’s crazy how blind people are from what’s happening in one part of the world.

Do you know what am I talking about?

It’s the silent but deadly war that is happening in Syria. Bombs are dropping everywhere, the number of dead bodies increase every minute.

Whether you’re an innocent, a kid, a mother, a father, a nurse, a doctor, an old man or woman, rich or poor— the same thing could happen to you in a minute, and that is death.

Check out these videos that show how chaotic Syria is right now.

What can you say about the mainstream media keeping a blind eye about all these? How can we save the innocent people? Do you think it’s still possible for this world to achieve harmony and peace? Comment your thoughts below.

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