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Maureen SantosOctober 26, 20177793 min

Carbon emissions had been one of the major problems around the world.

We all know that carbon has served the world it’s worth for years, but the people have come to a point wherein they are already aware of the negative effects that carbon has brought to the world. Let’s say negative effects have defeated the benefits that it is giving to the world.

That is why Mexico is making a big move against carbon emissions. What is the plan? Check out more details about it below.

Next year, Mexico aims to join the growing number of governments around the world with formal carbon markets.

In this cap-and-trade system, a government limits the carbon pollution companies can release. But some companies are dependent on old technology and cannot easily reduce their emissions. Rodolfo Lacy, Mexico’s Deputy Minister of the Environment, says those heavy polluters can purchase the right to emit more carbon.

Lacy: “The buyers will be the big emitters, like the power plants, the iron and steel factories.”

Sellers will be companies that succeed at emitting less than their permit, or those that do projects like tree plantings that reduce carbon pollution.

This provides an economic incentive for companies to go above and beyond what’s required. And because there are only a limited number of carbon allowances, and the total number may decrease over time, the system incentivizes companies to reduce carbon pollution.

To promote cooperation on climate change, Lacy says the Mexican carbon market will be integrated with California’s and Quebec’s within five years.

Lacy: “It is good for business, and for sure it is good for the people.”

Reporting credit: Daisy Simmons/ChavoBart Digital Media.

via Yale Climate Connections

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