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Maureen SantosFebruary 15, 201816814 min

The sun has just made several eruptions forming a new sunspot. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) found out the occurrence of a new sunspot after numerous explosions were discovered on the sun’s surface. This phenomenon, in turn, creates maximum ultraviolet radiation in the planet’s atmosphere.


This is the sun’s initial activity ever detected during the past six months. The space agency called the new sunspot, AR2699 on Sunday (Feb. 4) with a burst of B- and C- class solar flares. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory was, in fact, able to capture one of the eruptions that corresponded with the blasting off of a gigantic magnetic filament at 7:58 GMT on the same day.


Compared to Earth, AR2699 has a bigger and dominant dark core accompanied with several smaller magnetic condensations tracking behind it. The sunspot could be found on the sun’s eastern limb. These minimum solar sunspots can create powerful explosions similar to sunspots at the time of solar cycle’s shifting phases.  


NASA suggests that the preliminary flares are not strong enough. However, the activity could release absolute UV radiation from the flares and is now beginning to create insignificant swings of ionization in the Earth’s higher atmosphere.   Solar flares can cause downright catastrophe on global technology because of the radiation that could cause outer atmosphere expansion.


The solar extreme ultraviolet or EUV emitted by the sun wraps wavelengths 10 to 120 nanometers of the electromagnetic spectrum. Solar radiation cannot be measured from the ground since it is gathered in the upper atmosphere. It is extremely active and is filled with atmosphere that warms the upper atmosphere aside from ionizing it. The EUV radiation mainly came from the sun’s corona and its chromosphere’s atmosphere.


At present, the Earth is on the brink of Solar Minimum which means the period of minimum solar activity in the sun’s 11-year solar cycle.


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