DecenternetNation’s Strongest Net Neutrality Bill Pushes Forward

Maureen SantosApril 24, 20184584 min

There is no stopping California from pushing its net neutrality bill forward. Even ISPs and cable companies can’t do anything about it.

On Tuesday, the Senate Council gave Sen. Scott Weiner’s HB 822 the green light. Californians are overjoyed with the decision regarding the proposed net neutrality bill. It is a sliding victory of 8 (Democrats) to 3 (Republicans).

The state’s net neutrality bill is now moving forward to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Once cleared, its fate will be decided by the entire state senate. In addition, it needs the state assembly’s approval and the governor’s office.

The California Cable & Telecommunications Association (CCTA) is displeased with the turn of events. It represents Charter, Comcast, and Cox and partners with AT&T. This is to oppose the net neutrality bill of California. The lobby group denounces of not settling with a mixed bag of rules.

The California net neutrality bill will protect consumers from getting disadvantaged. However, opponents condemn the measure as a nuisance to consumers. It would as well be foreboding to the nation’s economy.

Sen. Scott Weiner said,  “They will sue, they will raise every conceivable argument. “They have every right in the world to do that. But we think we have the right to protect consumers and businesses in the state.”

That is true since AT&T has several events of violating net neutrality rules. The telco blocked the app FaceTime of Apple for subscribers from its unlimited data program. It will be resumed if they switched to a more expensive monthly data program. This is one of the reasons why California is eager to pursue its net neutrality bill.

The states cannot be blamed if they set their own net neutrality bill. If the current Trump administration cannot protect them, then who will?

The Decenternet platform protects its users from blocking, throttling, and content preferential pricing. The connection will not slow down over time and is stable.

Users will have indefinite access to different kinds of websites. Consumers will also have the freedom to communicate freely online.


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