DecenternetNet Neutrality Issues Could Pave the Way for Democrat’s Success

Maureen SantosMay 24, 20184073 min

Millennials will play a key role during the midterm election and will decide who the winners and the losers will be.

Democrats are very much overwhelmed with their victory last week when the Senate committee passed the petition to use the CRA vote with 52 to 47. The unhappy parties include, of course, FCC Chair Ajit Pai and his ISPs lobbyists. There are so much to tackle about net neutrality issues, and the CRA vote should be prepared to deal with the Republican-led House before it could have an appointment with President Trump.

The Democrats are now eyeing millennials as their biggest hope for their success. This belongs to the larger part of the population that uses the internet. Most of them are already entrepreneurs in their own way while some are still studying, online or in universities. They access the web on libraries where they acquire information and knowledge regarding their studies and what is happening around them.

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials would rather vote for a Democrat for Congress instead of a Republican by an astonishing 62 to 29% margin. That is why it is very significant for Democrats to get this generation voting out there. If Team Blue can show them that there is an important reason to vote, they will most benefit.

Meanwhile, 13 Congress members criticized Pai’s rehashed vague answers to their questions and overt noncompliance to some Committee members.

“While we appreciate your continued willingness to testify before our Committee, we are concerned that you have been unable to give complete responses to verbal questions, questions for the record, or oversight letters from our members,” the letter read from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Democrats.

The Decenternet platform can clearly state what it can do for its consumers without any ambiguity. All it can provide are honesty, freedom, and restore net neutrality.

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