NEWSNet Neutrality Repeal Will Affect Rural Areas Even More

Maureen SantosMarch 12, 20186293 min

FCC Chair Ajit Pai once said that he wants to help poor people through the net neutrality repeal. But pundits say that what he said and what he is doing right now is contradicting.

In September, Pai said in a Senate committee during the Lifeline subsidy program shared his highest priority being a chairman. He told the council that he wants to seal the digital divide. It is a gap between people who have the approach to next-generation technologies and those who have none.

However, his critics see the opposite thing. As opposed to Pai’s decrier regarding the net neutrality debate, efforts are being made and some calls it “the FCC War On
The Poor.”

Likewise with Virginia Congressman Morgan Griffith who knows that repeal of net neutrality would excruciate poor people but preferred to support it still. Once it took effect in April, it will have a discouraging effect on a majority of South Virginians.

Having high-speed internet access has been very important to individuals and businesses alike. But for small towns and rural localities located in the 9th District, these areas are not so lucky to have a good connection unlike in the urban and suburban areas.

Internet users do not have to suffer poor internet connection caused by ISPs themselves. Without net neutrality rules, internet providers will clout what contents users can directly access without their permission. What’s more, they can block, throttle, or delay any apps, contents, or website. They can also create both “fast lane” and “slow lane.” Users can be content with slow connection unless they can afford or willing to pay extra just to have a faster connection and access other websites, contents, and apps.

Net neutrality can still be achieved to protect our rights to have a free communication. It means an internet that enables and protects free speech.




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