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Maureen SantosApril 27, 20184754 min

Many believe that net neutrality is already dead or so it seems. The repeal took place on Monday which ISPs considered as “Victory Day.”

Net neutrality might have been dead, but it will soon rise from the dead. The FCC and its henchmen just wait and see. The rules that govern the 2015 Open Internet Order has now been changed. That is because Ajit Pai and his agency voted to gut it along with cable and ISP companies.

These telecom companies are now free to slow down connections. They have the blessings to block or discriminate contents and charge higher fees. Also, they could now employ paid prioritization. These are all the opposite of the net neutrality rules that consumers used to enjoy.

In 2015, the Open Internet Rule (Title II) redefined the internet as a public consortium. However, decriers called down the net neutrality rule. They argue that it would recede the immunity of the Internet. Advocates, on the other hand, defend that it would hinder ISPs from categorizing against content providers.

The Restoring Internet Freedom Order redefines Internet as an “information service.” It will oblige ISPs to disclose transparency records regarding practices. These pertain to throttling, blocking, and data arranging for businesses and consumers.

In addition, the repeal of net neutrality will give back the authority to the FTC. It will govern and prosecute discriminatory, deceitful, and autocratic procedures. This is especially with no backbreaking regulations and escalated cost.

The Decenternet platform could shield Internet users from the repeal of net neutrality. By using the service, they can get back their freedom. The system is established to protect one’s identity. It keeps the user’s personal information discreet and protected.

The Decenternet restores net neutrality. Consumers can express themselves freely on the internet. They can expect to access several websites without the discrimination of contents.

Moreover, at Decenternet there are throttling and blocking of contents. Users will have countless access without the worry of paid prioritization.

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