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Maureen SantosMarch 22, 20185784 min

The New Orleans corporate sector is making their own moves to preserve net neutrality.

Startups and business big or small come together to establish events and blazon the word regarding the support they need to preserve net neutrality.  They will act as one to protect the interest of the majority and not those of a few who only prioritizes themselves. The decision of the FCC to repeal net neutrality prompts them to defy the agency and start making protests.

What does the rollback mean for advertisers and their brands? 

From the advertiser’s perspective, ad dollars will be even more significant. It could also regulate which brands should be on top of the list. Moreover,  it could control the range of brands, based on their capability to pay to acquire traffic.

In the case of leading brands getting the most online traffic, could spell consortium over internet resources.  Budding companies that go for faster connection pay higher fees and charge their customers extra fees to recover the expenditure.

Small-scale businesses will also be impacted since their advertising opportunities will become more infrequent and more costly. Same thing with independent media and publishers that also manage on meager revenue margins.

An open internet is where the accomplishment and modernization of America’s start-up environment are heavily built upon. It is where net neutrality rules reign to make certain that small firms are competitive. They are confident that nothing or no one will jeopardize their services or get classified by large cable and wireless corporations.

One such platform that could help individuals and businesses is the dnet. It uses a Linux-based blockchain technology with all of the features are already equipped. It has an incorrupt stable connection with no periodic crashes, restrictions, and restarts. Users will not experience blocking, throttling or paid prioritization to access the contents, apps, or websites they are already used to.

Net neutrality needs support to keep it alive. Everyone must do their own part to preserve net neutrality.

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