NEWSNon-Violent Way To Redeem Net Neutrality And Freedom

Maureen SantosMarch 12, 20185824 min

It’s time to redeem net neutrality and your freedom.

April is fast approaching, and so does the implementation of the repeal of net neutrality, but technology can neutralize it. Different states legislated their own laws to protect their locals against the FCC’s decision to reverse the guidelines and reclaim net neutrality.

We see people in the streets voicing out what’s in their minds in support of net neutrality. In the news, some people could commit a crime because there are other people who are against net neutrality.

We can still achieve net neutrality the non-violent way, without the fear and the diversification. With the use of technology, we can reclaim net neutrality and freedom. We can freely communicate online without worrying about being under surveillance.

We believe that net neutrality is the guiding principle and is an internet that empowers and safeguard free speech. It means that ISPs should support us with an open network and refrain from throttling or be blocking contents from other websites.

It has been two years since the internet was classified as a public utility meaning that ISPs were lawfully constrained to hold onto the open internet. However, when Trump is elected as the president of the United States, there has been a turn of events.

The ISPs will now have the authority to throttle, delay, or block the contents that internet users access. They could also impose extra or higher fees in exchange for faster connection or access to other websites. What’s more worrisome is the naked truth that most of the global internet traffic operates through US-based ISPs. This will create consequences for everybody who are communicating with sectors or using services based in the US.

Even if the repeal of net neutrality takes effect next month, critics can already perceive that it will hurt poor people. In contrast to what Chair Ajit Pai said before the Senate committee in September that he wants to help poor people, what is happening is the opposite.

However anyone sees it,  it will always be the ISPs that will benefit from the repeal and not a majority of the consumers.

Maureen Santos

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