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Maureen SantosMarch 25, 20193016 min

The huge global demand for energy made it necessary to tap into the different type of resources, including coal. However, some of these resources have only exacerbated the existing environmental problems caused by global warming.

In Britain, a third of its electricity is expected to be generated by the turbines that will stand in shallow seas. These rotary mechanical wind machines will soon stand hundreds of square miles of the United Kingdom’s coastlines.

Next in line will be the floating turbines. Statoil took 15 years to establish the earliest floating wind farm off the coastline of Aberdeenshire. According to Equinor, over half of the North Sea is suited for the positioning of floating wind power. The electricity that will be generated by these turbines secured in deep waters can deliver all of EU’s electricity needs four times over.

The drawback of the offshore wind farms has dropped due to the turbine’s larger and more productive designs. Each machine has been delivering 30 times the energy yield compared to the first ones that were stationed 18 years ago.

Walney Extension is the world’s biggest offshore wind farm. It is capable of supplying wind-generated renewable electricity to more than a million UK households Its first turbine already been installed and is now yielding electricity.

Hornsea 1 offshore wind farm will almost be twice the size of Walney Extension once it undergoes a full operation. It is situated 120 kilometers off the Yorkshire Coast and will comprise of 174 Siemens Gamesa 7MW turbines.

The offshore wind farm is a strategic partnership between Ørsted and Global Infrastructure Partners. Ørsted is the world’s most ecological energy company. Its offshore construction just started over a year ago and the project’s completion is expected by the first quarter of 2020.

According to Ørsted UK Managing Director Matthew Wright, “Hornsea 1 is the first of a new generation of offshore power plants that now rival the capacity of traditional fossil fuel power stations. The ability to generate clean electricity offshore at this scale is a globally significant milestone, at a time when urgent action needs to be taken to tackle climate change.”

Currently, 172 out of 174 monopile foundations are already installed at the site. The turbine installation in the offshore wind farm is anticipated to continue through the late summer of 2019. The electricity that will be generated by the turbines will flow by way of undersea cables through one of three massive offshore substations. It will then travel to the world’s first offshore reactive compensation station before it reaches the shore at Horseshoe Point, Lincolnshire.

By 2015, Ørsted will almost exclusively produce green energy. Clean energy will be delivered to over 50 million people by 2030.

In the US, New Bedford, MA residents envision the offshore wind farm project proposed by the Vineyard Wind to soon become a reality. If the said company is able to procure the necessary provisions, the construction of the nation’s very first offshore wind farm can start by the end of the year.

In February, several European energy giants which included Ørsted and Equinor had bidden to construct New York’s primary offshore wind farm project. The decision will be due this spring with additional plans for Virginia to New Hampshire going forward.


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