DecenternetOpen Internet Structure Matters for Unfettered Connection

Maureen SantosApril 24, 20183214 min

Net neutrality stays, and it will still protect the rights of the people for a free, open internet structure. 

Just a few more days and net neutrality will say goodbye. On Monday, April 23, the FCC’s decision to repeal it will take place. ISPs, broadband, and cable providers will be free from the open internet structure.

These open internet structure chained them from blocking, throttling, and engage in paid prioritization practices.  States that have not implemented their own laws yet are the most susceptible to suffer.

In New York, State Senator David Carlucci co-sponsored legislation with Patricia Fahy. She is an Assemblymember and will help guarantee that ISPs will follow open internet structure in the said state.

Net neutrality is necessary for the “Big Apple” to make certain that all websites are unconstrained and obtainable. Without the open internet structure, providers could impose premium fees for fast-track streaming. In a worse case scenario, they could slow down the connection.

Business will also endure the loss of the open internet structure. ISPs could give precedence to a paid content. In fact, in August 2017, the American Sustainable Business Council presented a letter to FCC. This pertains to the net neutrality repeal that would impact more than 500 small enterprises.

The repeal has already started and many are relying on the  Congressional Review Act decision. The Senate needs one more vote to overturn the decision.

The Title 5 of U.S Federal Code Subsection 551 defines that CRA provides Congress the authority to deny a rule. In 2015, the then-FCC chief Tom Wheeler recategorized Internet service from Title I to Title II. It means that it will now be considered as a telecommunication utility.

Simultaneously, three rules have been issued. ISPs are limited to blocking content. They should not throttle content. Lastly, they should not proffer paid prioritization.

The Decenternet platform ensures that the open internet structure is intact. Users are free to access different websites as long as they want. They will have the freedom to communicate online without the worry of being spied on.

While using Decenternet, consumers will not experience any blocking of contents. Likewise, there is no slowing down of connection because of its exquisite stability. More importantly, all contents, apps, and services are treated equally.

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