EVENTSPlanets Go Marching During The Planet Parade This March 2018

Maureen SantosMarch 8, 201813714 min

Watching the planets in the sky all at the same time is a one-of-a-kind experience that you should not miss. This month of March, the sky will have a spectacular display of astronomical events from the moon to the planets during the “Planet Parade.”

Parade of Planets

A “Planet Parade” is the gathering of heavenly bodies consisting mostly of the most luminous planets. In 2016, five planets shone at the exact same time but not this time. The parade will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere on March 7.

Best time to see the planets during the Planet Parade

On the first day of March, the so-called “worm moon” appeared and another one will rise on March 31 known as the “blue moon.” But there is more, five planets namely, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Venus will grace the evening sky. Joining the bandwagon of the parade is the star Antares that will show off its brightness beginning March 7. However, not all will be visible simultaneously.

The moon will switch to 12 degrees each evening, providing stargazers an explicit glimpse of a sequence of planets. NASA disclosed that the moon will relocate next to the line of stars and planets that will appear close to Jupiter on March 7. On March 8, it will be between Mars and Jupiter and atop the radiant star Antares. The moon will be close to Mars on March 9 and March 10, it will be between Mars and Saturn and then close to Saturn by March 11.

For you to capture Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, aim your glare eastward to gaze at them as they float in the sky on March 7 and 8. Jupiter can be well-spotted following its ascent over the eastern horizon in an hour or more after 12 am. Saturn and the Red Planet are fainter and would not come out until it’s near to dawn.

As for Mercury and Venus, both planets could be seen after sunset during the evening hours of March 18 and 19. They are both similarly near in the sky’s ceiling but it is possible that Venus will be noticed first due to its ten-fold brightness than Mercury.

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