Reporter Reveals ‘The Absolute Worst Place To Live In America.’ The Town Proved Him Wrong.

Is there even a so-called “worst place to live?”

Let me ask you,  where do you think is the worst place to live in this world? I’m pretty sure you will give different answers to this question. Why? It is simply because the answer depends on our personal preferences and standards. Representing everyone’s preference is even beyond impossible. We as humans are created individually unique, so never expect that the 7 billion people on Earth will give you the same answer to this.

Washington Post writer Chris Ingraham got into hot water when he wrote an article in 2015 concluding that Red Lake County in Northern Minnesota was “the absolute worst place to live in America.”

It drew a lot of hate mail from Minnesotans, but also an invitation to come see the place for himself.

Now, he lives there.