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Are people now getting dumber each day?

We perceive those individuals with high IQ (intelligence quotient) as smart and bright people. However, according to the research conducted by Bernt Bratsberg and Ole Rogeberg, the test scores are declining over the previous decades. The two researchers worked with the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research in Norway. Their study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

How smart are you?

IQ measures the intelligence of an individual and is indicated in numbers. A person must need to take an intelligence test to know his IQ level. The average score is 100 and scoring higher means wiser than average people. However, if the score is less than 100, it means that you are somehow not that smart.

From better to worse

Previous research suggests that people have grown more brilliant over the earliest part of the last century which was measured by the Flynn Effect. Several assumptions tried to emphasize the perceptible improving the mind like better nutrition, education, healthcare and others. However, based on the study in Norway the course has ended. Instead of getting brainier, people are getting more feeble-minded.

The team’s study includes analyzation of IQ test scores of young men enlisting in Norway’s national service from 1970 to 2009. They found out that in the 730,000 test results, an average of seven points of every generation has sloped. It only shows a definite turnabout of exam results that dates back to roughly 70 years.

Boys that were born in the initial review period (1962-1975) achieved nearly 0.3 IQ points every year. However, those in the troop born after 1975 recognizes a constant reduction in scores.

The research also determined some disparities between groups recommending that some of the reasons for the decline could be the cause of environmental factors. Changes in the lifestyle such as education system and reading less and playing more video games among children could be held accountable for the decline in the intelligence quotient. A separate study from a British team found that IQ score outcomes backslide by 2.5 to 4.3 points every ten years since the end of the World War II.

University of Edinburgh psychologist Stuart Ritchie was concerned that the recent study would end the Flynn Effect that formerly demonstrated IQ scores constantly accelerated.

Ritchie said, “This is the most convincing evidence yet of a reversal of the Flynn Effect. If you assume their model is correct, the results are impressive and pretty worrying.”

IQ previous studies

To date, they are not the first ones to conduct a study regarding IQ scores declining. James Flynn (where Flynn Effect was derived) analyze Piagetian test scores of British juveniles in 2009. He found out that the average 14-year-old’s IQ plummeted by two points during the past 28 years. Average middle-class children’s IQ plunged six points during the test course.

There is evidence that the IQ is most flexible during adolescent.  British professor Cathy Price twice conducted research among a group of teenagers that is four years apart.  She found that their scores either bounced or dived to 20 points during the exam period. The brain’s manipulability in teenagers could result in dilemma or accomplishments for prospective educational success and employment.



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