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Maureen SantosMarch 8, 20185565 min

If you think that net neutrality has died or dying, you are dead wrong. Net neutrality lives and even if Chair Ajit Pai has tried to exterminate it, the internet will continue to fight back. Restoring net neutrality will take a lot of effort and violence is not the answer.

The implementation of FCC’s repeal of net neutrality is approaching fast. The state of Washington did not waste any single minute to protect its locals from the unscrupulous practice of broadband servers.

In fact, Washington is the primary state to decree its own law guaranteeing an open internet. It ignored the deceptive talking points of telecom pressure groups and pursued the preservation of net neutrality. The measure ascended by means of the state legislature with an astounding bipartisan support. Several other states are in the notion of passing comparable bills, whilst a considerable number of governors have promulgated executive orders to thwart the abolishment of net neutrality rules.

Just hours before Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed the House Bill, chief tech companies like Etsy and Kickstarter disclosed their collaboration with the public interest groups. This move is to partake in filing a lawsuit against the communications agency to support net neutrality.

In an appeal officially documented in the  D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Etsy along with the other tech companies challenge the agency’s unreasonable repeal. It will also deal with the latest petition with similar accusations filed by 23 attorneys general. Advocacy group Free Press and technology firms Mozilla and Vimeo joined the roster to pursue net neutrality.

When the agency decided to invalidate the net neutrality rules, it also averted broadband as “information” organization. It is considered a scheme that completely deprived itself of influence to regulate activity such as blocking or throttling service.

If fortunate enough, the dispute will oblige Ajit Pai and his agency to counter its decision. This also to re-establish protections that forbid ISPs like At&T, Comcast, and Verizon from dominating what we can recognize and do online with restriction, speed-throttling, and new charges to access other websites.

Fighting the repeal of net neutrality rules don’t have to be violent. There is no need to go out on the streets to get noticed and be heard. We can still protect it using technology and there is a way on how this back attempts that try to restrict our freedom can be neutralized.

Net neutrality is the regulatory golden rule that protects our right to establish contact freely online. With net neutrality, we will have an internet that empowers and protect our speech.

Maureen Santos

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