DecenternetReverse of Net Neutrality’s Impact On Medical Education & Training

Maureen SantosMay 2, 20184014 min

With the reverse of net neutrality, what will now happen to the future of medical education and clinical training?

Just like eLearning, the use of the internet is important for medical education and clinical training. Aside from that, the open internet provides students and practitioners the freedom to access other websites to gain more knowledge and information. But with the reverse of net neutrality, this could be far from possibility.

For the past 20 years, medical training and clinical application have deeply relied on the internet. It has become the ultimate resource of information and communication. Because of the reverse of net neutrality, medical training, as well as patient procedure, will be greatly affected.

According to the article published in JAMA, “Awareness of the potentially harmful effects of changes to net neutrality policy is imperative to inform a coordinated effort on behalf of the medical community to ensure a free and open internet.” JAMA stands for The Journal of the American Medical Association. 

The authors’ major concerns include potentially paid prioritization where ISPs can produce fast and slow lanes.  They emphasize that speed and accessibility are two primary requirements of the resources utilized in the medical framework.

The reverse of net neutrality guidelines gives ISPs the opportunity to interfere with medical policymaking in various ways. These providers could conduct their resources regarding the establishment of online “screen time” that could host bigger possible addresses.

The Decenternet platform sees to it that all contents are delivered promptly, meaning, no slow or fast lanes. Internet users will have boundless access to different sites providing more information.

At Decenternet, there is no paid prioritization and consumers don’t have to pay for a faster connection. It has exquisite stability and won’t slow down over time. Also, it does not give out personal information to anyone without consent.

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