DecenternetRollback of Net Neutrality Partially Takes Effect

Maureen SantosApril 25, 20184814 min

Yes, the rollback of net neutrality is happening!

The rollback of net neutrality has officially started. But it does not mean that it will be implemented today. Cable and broadband providers are still preparing for their queue. Just like predators, waiting for the right time to prowl on their prey.

The Office of Management and Budget needs some determining first. These are some new rules requirements that would not handicap broadband providers. It specifically pertains to transparency requirements.

Only a portion of the order becomes effective. Major factors still need Office of Management and Budget’s approval. The FCC will declare another order that will make it definite.

There are some other changes with the rollback of net neutrality. The FCC will be deprived of its authority to regulate broadband. In turn, the responsibility will be transferred to the FTC.

Advocates of net neutrality, on the other hand, are still hopeful. Even if it’s unlikely, they are waiting for one more Senator to sign the CRA. This resolution will block the rollback of net neutrality induced by the FCC.

In California, state lawmakers are still pursuing the state regulation. This would efficaciously endow restoration of the open internet. Californians are finding ways to counter the rollback of net neutrality.

Sen. Scott Weiner’s SB 822 already got the committee’s recommendation. It is now moving forward to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The rollback of net neutrality prompts Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra to support the bill. It should be expected that the cable and telco sector will oppose.

The open internet flourishes in the Decenternet. The rollback of net neutrality cannot be felt in the platform. Users will have unrestricted access to different websites.

Consumers will have continuous connection because there is no blocking or throttling of contents, apps, or websites. They will have the freedom to interconnect freely with no worries of being surveilled.

Anyone can turn to the Decenternet system to escape the suffrage of the rollback of net neutrality.

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