DecenternetSignificant Reasons Why Personal Details Should be Strengthened

Maureen SantosMay 2, 20183694 min

Recently, reports emerge about the lawsuit that Facebook and Cambridge Analytica is facing. This is in regards to the distribution of personal details of the social media users without their consent.

Internet users are confident that their personal details are kept confidential once they opened the computer and typed in their information.  That’s what most of us believe. Some software and even devices are equipped with some tools that can detect your activities.

The ISPs should work with appropriate authorities to guarantee that there’s no way out to the protection of personal details. It must also establish broad discretion policies and alleviate consequences.

The data protection measure exposes the personal details procedure to demarcated legal rules. This is to cushion the rights of every individual as well as the welfare of the society.

The safeguarding of personal details is getting more crucial each day. Persistence of it could lead to identity theft and loss of assets. The information security is strengthened in three goals namely;  Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. It is also known as the “CIA triad.”

If the distribution of personal details continues, scammers will have more ways than one to victimize people. It could be through phone calls, text messages or sending emails. According to the Nova Scotia RCMP, they have received hundreds of calls regarding the scam. It pertains to the Maritimes residents receiving fake requests from the  Canadian Revenue Agency.

“In those cases, they’ve proceeded to go and utilize their funds to go and transfer money whether it be through iTunes cards or Bitcoins,” states Cpl. Dal Hutchinson of Halifax District RCMP.

Personal details are not for the public unless provided with permission. That is how the Decenternet system works. Any information about the user is kept confidential. It does not account for anything from anyone or report. Consumers are guaranteed that their information will not be disseminated or sold to other companies.


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