NEWSSouth Korean Startup Aims To Achieve Freedom And Net Neutrality

Maureen SantosFebruary 12, 20183355 min

Is this the hope that we have been waiting for to achieve Net neutrality?


When I want answers to my questions, I go online. When I’m looking for something, I go online. There are no days of the week that I never go online and a lot of changes have occurred. I fear that I am no longer protected and the contents I deliver will either be blocked or banned. What I need is a platform that could protect me from all the inconveniences that most Internet Service Providers have.


As an everyday user of the internet, I always wanted to communicate online without any worries. These ISP’s should support their subscribers with extended networks. They should likewise not intercept or differently treat any content or applications that are carried over networks.


Decenternet could be the answer to my problem because it offers Net neutrality for internet users just like me. With its P2P decentralized internet infrastructure, users can enjoy the freedom of posting contents online without worrying that ISP will block them. It allows and secures free speech.

An internet without Net neutrality cannot be considered a true internet. Devoid of Net neutrality rules, wireless companies and ISP including Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T control and determine which contents, websites, and applications prevail. This is not the kind of service that everybody wants to have, and so do I.


These companies, in the long run, will delay their rival’s content or even impede political impressions they contradict with. They can impose extra fees to some of the content companies that have the means to pay for privileged treatment. This process, in turn, downgrades everyone else to a more gradual course of service. Decenternet, on the other hand, provides a hyper-speed service and anything that you do on the internet will be done much faster with their system.


Without Net neutrality, most people who organized a community such as LGBTQ community, Black Lives Matter, religious minorities, and indigenous people around the world will not be able to voice out their pleas. They depend on the open internet to coordinate, tap into educational and economic prospects and retaliate against systemic chauvinism.


If you’re asking for Net neutrality, Decenternet can provide it to you. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted on abolishing Net neutrality rules during the time of the Obama Administration requiring ISPs to provide fair access to all web contents. In addition, subscribers need not be charged for higher-quality approach or providing special treatment to particular websites.  


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