TECHNOLOGYSouth Korea’s Hottest Blockchain App Creates Massive Buzz

Maureen SantosFebruary 22, 20186924 min

Have you heard of South Korea’s newest blockchain app?


Investors mostly eye cryptocurrency as a good investment. Since a majority of these digital currencies are accepted worldwide, using it to purchase commodities and other services is hassle-free. The question is which crypto-company are you going to invest? There are a lot out there, of course, but you need to consider a few things before venturing into one, especially net neutrality.


Decenternet is a startup company and the most competent hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet communication solution that blockchain technology can develop. It is not associated or accounts for the third-party consortium. With its leading-edge browser technology, users can experience much faster, more secure, and more personalized decentralized internet while using the common websites we are already used to.


Its domestic cryptocurrency, Spice, can be exchanged with other virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to establish a free-market crypto economy. This instinctively enables the priceless technology each of them embodies to synchronize in harmony in the decentralized Decenternet exchange.


Decenternet will work on counteracting the back attempts that restrict basic rights and freedom by defending free speech and net neutrality by way of technology, rather of apprehension, aggression, and severance.   


During the past few days, the internet world has been restless because of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission revoked its rule in 2015 about net neutrality. It is anticipated that the agency will publish on Thursday (Feb. 22) its December order overruling the previous Obama-administration net neutrality rules. The official announcement in the government website, Federal Register would mean that state attorneys general together with different advocacy organizations will sue in an attempt to prevent the order from taking effect.


While Congress deliberates the issue, it is derogatory that all Americans persevere with the pressure on for unchanging net neutrality invulnerability. It should not be just another short-term effort that deviating political admonition can overturn.


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