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Maureen SantosApril 10, 20184434 min

Even students fight for an open internet realizes the impact of not having net neutrality rules.

They might be just students who love to browse the internet or play games online. But they too can feel the importance of net neutrality rules for their education, global awareness, and job hunting. They also advocate and fight for an open internet.

Not only in Oregon that students are publicly expressing their strong support to fight for an open internet. In Wichita Falls, five students are doing their best to encourage fellow students to sign a petition. In this way, they would be able to acquire support from the city mayor Stephen Santellana.

According to the business management senior Rolando Diaz, they are beginning to communicate the imposing consequences of net neutrality repeal come April 23. Along with other business management students, they will be putting on booths in the Dillard Building. This move is to appeal to other students to sign up a petition to be laid out to Mayor Santellana today. They will call for his support to fight for an open internet.

Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio) is also calling out to students to let their voices be heard and support the fight for an open internet.  He said that high-speed Internet is definitely essential. The free outpouring of communication is crucial to daily lives. Acquiring good access to the internet with exceptional speed influences the way people live, work, study, or even enjoy leisure.

Several people, from students to multi-tech companies still believe in the principles of net neutrality and support the fight for an open internet. That is to treat contents equally and never block or throttle. Likewise, not to favor those who can afford to pay more just to get access and have a faster internet connection.

That is why the dnet platform designed a system that will equally treat users and the contents they want to access. At dnet, there are no favoritism, creation of fast or slow lanes. The system does not utilize resources that can be used for surveillance.

With the dnet platform, users are compensated to use via the Spyce mining activity. Internet users will not experience constant crashes, lagging, or reboots.



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