Teens Kindness To A Homeless Man Goes Viral

These teens will change the way you see the teenagers today.

About 1.56 million people, or about 0.5% of the U.S. population, also an estimated 57,849 homelessv eterans estimated in the United States during January 2013, or 12 percent of all homeless adults.

Three teenagers in Nysa, Poland, were caught on a security camera placing a quilt over a homeless man sleeping on a bench before tucking him in.

The three young men had been approached by the man earlier in the evening asking for help to find bedding for the cold night ahead, TVN24 reported.

Hours later, they returned to the man, now asleep, and wrapped him up with two covers, making sure he was protected against the harsh weather.

“We took the quilt for this gentleman. We hugged him,” Szymon said in an interview with TVN24.

The Mayor of Nysa, Kordian Kolbiarz, congratulated the boys. “That’s a big gesture,” he said. “I bow to you. The world needs such gestures.”

Watch the video below.

via Sunyskyz