DecenternetTelecom Company Could Request SC to Deprive FTC Authority of Net Neutrality Regulations

Maureen SantosMay 9, 20184164 min

Why is AT&T not happy that the FTC will monitor net neutrality rules?

According to the new net neutrality regulations by the FCC, the Federal Trade Commission will have the authority to regulate it. Besides, telecom companies and broadband providers will be free to block and throttle contents aside from engaging in paid prioritization. However, it seems that AT&T is not happy that FTC will govern the policies.

Back in 2014, the FTC filed a lawsuit against the telecom company regarding its throttling of data practices for unlimited plans. The federal agency filed the case in the US District Court of Northern California. The wireless company has been accused of assuring customers of unlimited data service but slows it down to rates that were scarcely convenient.

The case proceeded after the US Appeals court in Northern California dropped the argument in February. AT&T disputes that the FTC has no control over any of the company’s businesses and wants it crippled by net neutrality regulations authority.

The wireless carrier has been given until May 29 to file its petition with no plans of extension. The company might also settle its case with the government. It also asked that the lawsuit not to push through until the 29th while the arrangement is in process.

In case AT&T loses at the Supreme Court, it will have to deal with the FTC’s lawsuit. The court case disputes customer refunds. There will be no any effect on the federal agency’s control over Comcast and other telecom companies.

The least things that every Internet users do not want to experience are the slowing down of connection and the inaccessibility of the website because of blocking. While the FCC’s new net neutrality regulations overturn the 2015 Open Internet Order, the Decenternet network provides fast and unlimited access to the decentralized and centralized network. All contents, apps, and websites are treated equally which means no blocking and throttling.

Consumers do not need to pay for faster connections and more access. Decenternet restores net neutrality regulations that people prefer. It enables free speech and protects it.



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