MINDBLOWINGThe Answer To Earth’s Magnetic Reversals Officially Revealed

Maureen SantosMarch 8, 20186654 min

We know that the Earth’s ozone layer has a large hole that is why we’re experiencing global warming. However, not all of us are aware that the planet has a weak spot in a magnetic field due to Earth’s magnetic reversal which makes it dangerous for satellites to enter.

This scientific discovery baffles geologist and fancy that the planet is preparing to turn over its magnetic poles. Structures that are traditionally reduced to ashes in Africa for more than a millennium adds significant indications to the event.

The remnants of the burned structures, mostly clay that is roasted in the fires consist of minerals that retain the alignment of the planet’s magnetic field in the course of the Iron Age era. This holds back the history of these vicissitudes and provides some vital information from the Southern Hemisphere.

During the Jurassic Age, the planet’s magnetic poles reversed only one time every million years. Lately, magnetic pole reversals occur once every 200,000 to 300,000 years or more. To date, it has been almost 780,000 years when the last magnetic pole reversion happened.

What is magnetic pole reversal?

Magnetic pole reversal, also known as the geometric reversal is a transformation in the planet’s magnetic field emanating from the magnetic north being lined up with the magnetic south and vice versa.

The Earth’s magnetic field provides us north and south poles. In addition, it defends the planet and its inhabitants from solar winds and cosmic radiation. It shows that the invisible shield is hastily deteriorating and no one knows when the next reverse will happen due to lack of data.

The so-called South Atlantic Anomaly is an extensive wilderness extending from Chile to Zimbabwe. This region is what scientists are most concerned about because of the weak field which makes it dangerous for the Earth’s satellites to enter. This is due to the increased radiation that could interfere with their electronics.

However, ancient African group traditions who dwelled in the Limpopo River that borders Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, proves to be crucial to the conducted new research. One of the researchers, Professor John Tarduno said that when clay is burned down at a tremendous temperature, the magnetic minerals become stabilized. Once it cooled, they restrain information of the earth’s magnetic field.

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