NEWSThe Meat of Net Neutrality & Why It’s Important

Maureen SantosMarch 16, 20183774 min

When we say net neutrality, we are talking about liberty and not complexity.

There could be some people who are very eager to eradicate net neutrality and defined it as one of the more convoluted controversies. They even argue that it is the reason why internet service providers could not capitalize on their networks. But the truth is, they are just deviating the subject to call people away from what is really happening.

We understand that net neutrality is a basic concept. Broadband servers that provide us online services should refrain from regulating what apps and services should we use and access. It must not appoint who are the winners and losers. We are the ones who get to choose and that is called internet freedom.

In 2002, Republican former FCC Chair Michael Powell instructed ISPs not to bar websites or services and provide Americans the right to choose the device they want to use. His successor, Kevin Martin (also a Republican) pursued net neutrality as well by incorporating conditions into an alliance such as Comcast’s acquisition of NBC Universal. He likewise probed and restricted Comcast for blocking P2P applications.

That is the problem that we will be dealing with once the repeal took effect in April. ISPs will have the authority to control what content you can gain direct access to even without your approval.

With the adoption of dnet, we can achieve net neutrality which is the internet’s regulatory proposition. It preserves our right and gives us the freedom or liberty to communicate freely online.  Besides, it authorizes and protects free speech.

It is good to know that many people understand the true importance of net neutrality. The state governors release executive orders while the Washington state enacted its own law to preserve net neutrality. City and county mayors joined hand in hand and pledged not to buy services from broadband servers that do not adhere to net neutrality.  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio proclaimed the agreement known as the “Cities Open Internet Pledge.”

With the overwhelming support from different advocates, net neutrality will remain to provide an internet that everyone will surely enjoy and cater to our needs. This will exclude censorship, throttling, blocking, and other untoward activities that ISPs can do.

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