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Maureen SantosJuly 2, 201810277 min

It’s amazing how people can sacrifice what they’ve been saving for, from a portion of their life, to be able to help other people in need.


In psychology, the psyche is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. Psychology is the scientific or objective study of the psyche. But this time we’re going to take a little bit about the human psyche and when developed with free will, combined with having the right mentality and morals is perfect, when every human being has it.


A really good example of the kind of sacrifice any person with the right morals can do is this. An American doomsday prepper or in my own words, a survivalist made one of the most amazing gestures in his life.


To give you a bit of background, doomsday preppers are individuals who stack up food as one of the things they do to prepare for an apocalyptic event that may occur in the future. Doomsday may occur at a second’s notice, but this American survivalist gave up all the food he has stacked for one amazing reason – giving it to the Puerto Rican people who absolutely needs it more.


Joseph Badame, with his wife, Phyliss, were survivalists who stocked up on almost anything they could think of, survival books, fuel powered generators, thousands of rolls of toilet paper, and the most precious of them all, dry/canned goods, all to keep them alive in the occurrence of an apocalyptic event.


However, Joseph had lost his everything, after his wife passed. Joseph got buried in debt after eight years of medical bills and lost income, the 74-year-old widower was not able to save his New Jersey home after the banks went after it. He said, forty-five years of prepping seemed to have been for nothing. But all that changed, when he met a couple who runs a Puerto Rican food truck in Medford.


Joseph had learned that the Puerto Rican couple has had their relatives left without food to survive after Hurricane Maria. Joseph then told the couple about the food supply he had in his basement and told the couple that they could have all of it.


In Joseph’s basement were a total of 80 barrels, each barrel weighing an amazing 360 pounds. These barrels were filled with bags of rice, flour, sugar, dried beans, pancake and chocolate mixes, seeds and lots of other things that do not get spoiled for a long time and are easy to prepare as storing them.


The food that the Joseph and his lovely wife, had prepared in case of a Nationwide crisis will now save starving families in 2 Puerto Rican towns that’s been gravely devastated by Hurricane Maria.


“Those people are starving, and they have nothing,” Joseph said. “I just can’t sit by.”


40 of those barrels, along with pallets of bottled water and dried milk, will be flown to San Juan in Puerto Rico. Trucks will then help deliver the goods to the couple’s hometown, called Arecibo, which is a coastal city that is 45 miles west of San Juan.


Even in the time of hardship, Joseph and with the memory of his lovely wife, took it upon himself to do the best he can to help others in need. That for me is a perfect example of the kind of sacrifice anyone can do.

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