NEWSSOLUTION[VIDEO] The Truth About Eating Organic Foods, Revealed

Maureen SantosOctober 24, 20186356 min

Eating fruits and vegetables strengthen the immune system with its priceless nutrients without the chemicals, of course.

Most people buy organic foods such fruits and vegetables to avoid intake or exposure to chemicals used in them before harvest. These chemicals kill bugs and fungi which are the main reasons for blemishes, rotting, and less yield. However, its side effects are fatal to all living things found in air, water, and land including humans.

Organics not only apply to the plants that people consume but also to livestock and poultry. Animals such as chickens, cow, and pigs are now on free range. It means they are no longer caged and can roam freely and without injecting them with antibiotics as much as possible. You might have heard of organic eggs, organic milk, and organic meat already.

Chemicals usually cause cancer and this is one thing that many people are afraid of and need to avoid. According to a new research published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, doctors monitored the improvement of almost 70,000 French respondents. Their eating habits have been documented and then examined how their health was affected for the past several years. The data revealed that consuming organic food, in fact, had an impressive impact on the possibility of cancer.

Researchers discovered that those who are consistent in consuming an organic diet were approximately 25% less probable to occur any type of cancer. Besides, the frequency of non-Hodgkin lymphoma declined to a crashing 73% among people who eat organic foods when compared to those who didn’t pursue an organic diet. They also found out that even those who are not healthy eating but prefer organic foods have a tendency to lower cancer risk compared to those who didn’t.

A higher incidence of organic food consumption was linked with a decreased risk of cancer. If the conclusions are confirmed, bolstering the consumption of organic foods in the general public could lead to an encouraging precautionary measure against cancer.

The research evaluated the risk of cancer in connection with the organic food score using Cox proportional hazards regression models allocated for possible cancer risk determinants.

In European countries, the organic food market persists to quickly progress driven by environmental and health. Organic food ethics prohibit the use of pesticides,  synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms (GMO) including the use of veterinary medications. This, in turn, would make organic products less possible to contain pesticide deposits than conventional foods.

Due to lower susceptibility to pesticide deposits, it can be assumed that high organic food consumption could lead to a lower risk of forming cancer.  Aside from cancer prevention, leafy greens and beetroot that are organically grown could alleviate age-related eye disease and prevent them.

According to a recent Australian research, a diet rich in vegetable nitrates, specifically leafy greens, and beetroot might decrease the risk of developing early-stage age-related macular degeneration or AMD.

The Westmead Institute for Medical Research which conducted the study started off to analyze the association between dietary nitrate, contained mainly in beetroot, green leafy vegetables, and AMD. When these dietary nitrates are consumed, it is then transformed to a nitric oxide. Its deficiency or overproduction is related to many eye diseases.


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