DecenternetThe Ultimate Savior Of Freedom & Net Neutrality

Maureen SantosMarch 16, 20183554 min

The Cities Open Internet Pledge can alleviate the burden that the FCC’s decision to reverse net neutrality, the freedom of people to use the internet freely, rules imposed on internet users.

The people behind the repeal of net neutrality surely can’t wait for April to come. However, measures have been proposed by different states to counteract the agency’s selfish decision.

Just recently, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared the Cities Open Internet Pledge. It is a vow to acquire all applicable measures to guarantee that the internet will stay open. Additionally, it will prevent broadband servers from blocking, throttling, or be controlling government content on the internet.

Once the city and county mayors signed the pledge, they are already bound to obtain services from ISPs that equally treat all internet traffic. De Blasio also appealed to cities to “name and shame” these internet vendors that do not comply with net neutrality.

Net neutrality as a whole is an internet that implements aside from protecting free speech.  Decenternet or dnet can help you achieve net neutrality and offers you the freedom communicate freely online. It is the most compelling accomplished hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet communication that blockchain technology can create.

Its ingenious browser technology allows a user to have a much quicker, more secure, and more private decentralized internet.  Additionally, you can access traditional websites all the same time without the blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization by ISPs.

Those people who want the protection of net neutrality to be removed defend that it will somehow help rural residents to have a broadband access.  However, Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins clarified in a letter appealing to FCC to stop its vote. It states that eradicating net neutrality protections will impair small rural carriers and programs in Louisiana such as LifeLine.

Net neutrality is still alive and kicking. With the help and support from different advocates, we can still have our freedom. What’s more, initiatives from several states and cities like the organizing of the Cities Open Internet Pledge will help strengthen net neutrality.

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