NEWSThree, Vodafone On Probe Over Net Neutrality Issues

Maureen SantosMarch 8, 20185255 min

Three and Vodafone are two telecom companies from the United Kingdom which are under probe associated with net neutrality issues.

Three and Vodafone breached net neutrality?

Communications watchdog Ofcom, is investigating Three and Vodafone if they have manipulated net neutrality rules. The regulator stated on Tuesday (March 6),  that it will investigate the companies’ 4G along with its add-on plans. The probe also includes if they have purposely delayed special services also known as throttling.

The EU Open Internet Access Regulation 2015

Based on the EU Open Internet Access Regulation 2015, broadband providers as well as, mobile network operators must not hamper legal websites to support net neutrality. Both companies will pay a fine of up to 10pc of yearly revenue.

A spokesperson fromThree expresses their willingness to cooperate with Ofcom address their concerns. A Vodafone spokesperson, on the other hand, indicates their frustration with Ofcom’s judgment. Vodafone said that it did not hold back speed on Vodafone Passes in the UK or during the time customers are roaming.

Ofcom is going to evaluate Vodafone Passes to determine if it breaks the rule and if its word that some applications used up “zero” data were ambiguous. The pass allows subscribers to have unlimited zero-data streaming on Netflix, YouTube, and more.

The regulator pronounced its trepidation regarding the two companies that could have violated the net neutrality rules. According to the rules, Internet Service Providers should provide users the right to access all online content equally. This should not include the categorizing of certain services or websites. It also means that firms like Amazon or Netflix can’t pay ISPs to offer users prerogative over other websites.

While Ofcom is investing Vodafone Passes, it is checking on the Three plans that curb tethering at the same time. This is a process for device connections such as laptops being connected to the internet using a mobile phone. The regulator is also looking into Three’s limitations on the devices that can be used with a sim card. The probe also includes the practices the intentional setting back of certain traffic categories like the P2P networking.

Ofcom said that the open internet is the dogma of assuring those internet users regulate what they look at and do online and not the ISPs that bridges them to the internet.

In correlation to what has Ofcom said, advocates believe that the internet is the guiding principle that preserves our right to have the freedom to communicate freely online. Net neutrality means an internet that warrants and watch over free speech.


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