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Maureen SantosMay 30, 20185236 min

One of the happiness in life is to celebrate love, but how can we tell that love is already here?

Every time people feel like they’re romantically attracted towards someone, they usually feel like they’re on cloud nine like they’re always floating. It’s one of the best feelings that one could experience. But, on the side note, does feeling romantically attracted towards someone already means that we’re in love? We all know that there’s such thing as infatuation, could it be that it was just infatuation all along? We all know how risky it is to be in love with someone. There are a lot of possibilities that could happen. Let’s not forget that love is too precious to be ignored, wasted, and be taken for granted.

So, the question is, how can we tell when we’re already in love with someone?

According to science, many signs can validate your feelings towards someone. These signs can tell you if you are already falling in love with someone.

1. You always think about the person.

Now, ask yourself, does this someone always crosses your mind even if he or she is not around you? Do you always wonder what he or she is doing whenever the person is not around you? Does almost everything around you always make you remember him or her? Does your heart flutter when you think of that person? If the answers are all yes, then you have your first sign.

2. You want the person to be happy.

Does that person’s happiness become your happiness? Do you always want to do the things that can make that person happy? Once you start doing something out of your comfort zone to make that someone happy, then that someone surely has a special place in your heart.

3. You always see their positive side.

When you’re in love, all you can see on that person is their good and lovely side. All you will say about the person is praises. Everything that the person does flutter you and make your feelings even stronger towards him or her.

4. You want to see the person more often.

Seeing them once every week is not enough. You start to feel the need and want to see them more often than before. You are starting to look for their presence everyday. You just want to spend your time with the person and enjoy your free time with him or her.

5. The person becomes your priority.

When the moment comes that the person has become one of your priorities, then you already know that the feeling you have for the person is serious. It’s getting serious. It’s already a sign that you are in love, you want to spend more time with the person, and wants to know the person deeper.

Have you felt or done those five signs already? If you do, then you can already say that love is indeed coming your way.

Always remember that love is never a game. Love is precious, and it is beautiful. Love must be celebrated, and it must be cherished.

Maureen Santos

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