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Maureen SantosDecember 21, 20176126 min

It’s time to unveil some of the untold heroes in the world.

What people do not know is that there are thousands, or even millions, of untold heroes that are being shadowed by the darkness of the world. About time to share untold stories that the world needs to hear. Despite that chaos that the world is going through right now, it’s time for people to get to know the amazing stories that make this world, still, a livable place.

There is still hope in humanity. Watch this.

In Kenya, a brave group of rangers are working to protect the last three northern white rhinoceros in the world. Years of widespread poaching and civil war savaged the rhinos’ populations, and the last few who remain are now protected by 24/7 armed guards at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Although they are already extinct in the wild, the wildlife sanctuary hopes to encourage breeding by replicating the animals’ natural habitats. In this short film by United for Wildlife and Black Bean Productions, hear from the men who guard the northern white rhinos as they share the special bond they have with the magnificent endangered creatures at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Want to thank the rangers for their passionate work? Visit Elephants United for Wildlife here.

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