NEWSUntold Impact of High-Protein Diet To Men

Maureen SantosJune 1, 20188563 min

Proteins are good for building muscles but too much consumption could promote risks of heart diseases.

A group of researchers conducted a 20-year study on more than 2,000 Finnish men regarding on what they eat. The study started in 1984 when scientists presented the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study. Participants included middle-aged and older men and traced their daily protein intake for an average of 22 years.

Every individual was analyzed in terms of the animal, dairy, plant, animal, and overall protein they consume. Within the four categories, the men were divided into four quartiles. The top quartile in each division was then compared to the bottom quartile. The researchers observed the heart failure risk for the 25% who consume the most dairy protein in comparison to the 25% who consumed the least dairy protein.

The policies are significantly crucial for creating policies and health guidance in richer countries. It is where protein intake is generally higher than poorer countries. It is also a reason why there is a higher percentage of heart failure risk. Even vegans who do not eat meat are also affected especially those who always consume 60 to 80 grams of beans, nuts, and broccoli.

The study was published in Circulation: Heart Failure, a journal of the American Heart Association. According to the researchers, both proteins from eggs and fish do not contribute to the heart failure risk.  In the US, more than 610,000 people pass away each year because of heart disease.

“As many people seem to take the health benefits of high protein diets for granted, it is important to make clear the possible risks and benefits of these diets,” said the University of Eastern Finland and study author Dr. Jyrki Virtanen.

He suggested that earlier research has associated diets that are excessive in protein with increased Type II diabetes risks and could even lead to death.

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