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Maureen SantosApril 5, 20184594 min

Several measures have been legislated into law, and more are waiting in line. 

Bills and pledges from different states are getting ready to welcome the repeal of net neutrality with a bang. South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, just signed the Cities Open Internet Pledge.

In response to the FCC’s net neutrality repeal, Mayor Buttigieg joined other city mayors to maintain an open internet.  Needless to say that this is the month that the FCC is waiting for to put its rules in place. 

The Cities Open Internet Pledge binds mayors to take action in the law. This is by countering ISPs from blocking, throttling, or restricting government content on the web.

According to the Cities Open Internet Pledge, some steps that may be included. These are some of the following measures:

♦   Internet services should be acquired from ISPs that don’t employ blocking, throttling or acknowledge paid prioritization.

♦   Guarantee an open internet network having no charge or funded service offered to the residents.

♦  Keep an eye on the ISPs operations to make sure providers adhere to the open internet guidelines.

In other states, Maryland would soon jump into the chain of states that pushes for an open internet. It seeks to protect consumers and enables them to conclude which personal information ISPs could adopt. This is to make certain that they are equally treated either way they use the internet.

Delaware Rep. Bill Frick sponsored a draft demanding ISPs to provide users a choice where they can partake. This is important before using their personal data for promotion and other third-party concerns. It would likewise reconstruct the net neutrality rule that needs for ISPs to equally treat customers. This pertains to charges and internet connection speed.

The provisions on bill HB1654 is similar and can be attained in the dnet platform. The dnet system does not dispatch any information to anyone without the user’s consent. It does not make use of resources to spy on its users.

The dnet platform is developed for the defense and personal precaution of the individual. It provides users extensive access to the decentralized network. Traditional websites can be accessed as well, all at the same time.  Moreover, speed will not slow down and has exquisite stability.





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