DecenternetUS ‘Last Frontier’ Bill Demands ISPs Exercise Open Internet

Maureen SantosApril 16, 20184564 min

Will Alaska be also the last foothold of net neutrality?

Even in the icy part of the US, net neutrality is extremely important for the residents, business, and officials. There is no room for cold-hearted ISPs that provide service in the state if they do not exercise open internet.

The House Bill 277 that Rep. Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks) presented at the House Finance Committee on April 4 guarantees that all contents will be uniformly treated. He suggested that abolishing net neutrality and enabling ISPs to treat contents differently, destabilizes an unfettered and open internet.

“Without net neutrality, ISPs may legally speed up certain sites, slow down others, block sites altogether and require certain users to pay more for internet fast lanes,” according to his written sponsor statement.

He added that killing the open internet opportunities ISPs the influence to ascertain websites that consumers can access and what content website producers can bestow.

Rep. Kawasaki understands that open internet replicates the American principles of freedom, independence, and counteraction. In the absence of net neutrality, ISPs can deter lawful online content, retard websites, and impose fees for a faster connection.

In regards to his proposed bill, the public can still access fast lanes. Likewise, important services such as online education and telemedicine will have accelerated internet connection. It is not right that the open internet admonishes. It rather protects the significant services from discrimination by ISP firms for financial manipulation.

The ISPs practices of segregating contents, apps, or services is clearly opposed to the open internet guidelines. Consumers are denied their rights and freedom to access contents important for everyday living.

Decenternet will provide consumers the liberty to freely interconnect online. It is a platform that pays its users through the Spyce mining activity. Consumers will have boundless access to both decentralized and centralized network. It will not block, throttle or even engage in fast lanes.



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